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Monday, January 7, 2008

Windows XP Bariski Edition

Windows XP Bariski Edition
Main features at a glance:

- All updates till 1st October 2007- It pass the "Windows Genuine Advantage" checks
- No user interaction is needed while installation i.e. Unattended Installation
- First time introducing Unattended installation from within previous installed windows [Limited installs]
- Windows Updates Downloader (No need to go to Microsoft website to download updates)
- Most essential VB Runtime files
- Windows Post Install menu with most commonly requested programs & songs during installation
- Over 60 most demanding Softwarez included with cracks, wherever needed, & are the latest editions as of Oct 2007
- 26 new Flash Games
- Exciting 38 new wallpapers, 8 extra most demanding themes included
- Extreme Vista Pack Optional
- Windows Vista Aero Glass theme, Vista Rocket Dock Optional
- Windows Vista Sidebar Optional
- Windows Vista Games
- Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Optional
- Extended Right click menu, Task Manager, Control Panel
- Annoying text during installation of Windows removed
- Windows Vista drive indicator (shows a bar under your drive icon) Optional
- More than 150 registry tweaks to make using Windows easier and Faster than ever
- Services configuration files included to reduce memory use
- Bariski's Shrink Xp batch files to strip Windows "on the fly"
- Bariski's Edition of Xp requires 1024x768 Monitor Resolution, <256mb>
- Is optimized for slow Pc's and can be customized for Fast Pc's
To install Windows Xp Bariski Edition from this CD, set your PC
in the BIOS to boot from your CD-ROM drive.

Best install this operating system onto a freshly formatted partition or hard disk with NTFS.

There is also a upgrade option available. You do not
need any product key in this release, the installation of Windows Xp Bariski Edition
is unattended, apart from in the very beginning where you choose which drive or
partition to install to.

Installation is set to US English. This can be changed after installation.

Here is the full list of what apps and stuff you can install,These programs are installable from the "Install Programs"
icon on your Desktop. You need to have the Bariski's Xp CD in your CD drive for these items to install:
Adobe Flash Player Plugin v9.0.47.0
Cryptext v3.2
Daemon Tools Pro v4.10.0215
File Leecher v1.1 (Exclusively made for this version of Windows)
Firefox v2.0.0.7
Foxit Reader v2.2 Build 2129
HJSplit PRO v0.3 Beta
iColorFolder v1.4.2
Java Runtime Environment v1.6.0.3
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v2.10 Full
LimeWire Pro v4.14.10
Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 Lite v11.6568.6568
Mozilla Thunderbird v2.0.0.6
Nero v8.0.3.0 Micro
NOD32 Anti-Virus v2.70.39
Notepad++ v3.4
Opera Browser v9.24 Build 8816
PeerGuardian v2.0 Beta 6b
PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing v5.0.0.0 Retail
PeerGuardian v2.0 Beta 6b
PowerISO v3.8
PowerMenu v1.5.1.0 [is an add-in which adds extra menu options to any window]
Remove Startup Programs Buddy v2.2
SysInternals Tool Kit AIO v5.6 Build 3408 Includes: {CLI Tools[Location SYS32], SysInternals Process Explorer[10.21], Process Monitor[v1.0], Autostart Program Viewer[8.61], New SID Generator[v4.1], Sysinternals Registry Monitor[v7.4], Sysinternals Screen Magnifier[v1.21], SysInternals BSOD ScreenSaver[v3.2], AccessEnum[v1.32], Autologon configuration[v2.1], BGInfo - Wallpaper Text Configurator[v4.9], Disk Monitor[v2.0.1], DiskView[v2.21], File System Monitor[v7.3], PortMonitor[v3.0.2], ShareEnum[v1.3], TCP/UDP endpoint viewer[v2.4], Winobj[v2.15]}
TinyPic Image Uploader v1.8
Total Video Converter v3.02
Tuneup Utilities 2007 v6.0.2311
Ultimate Defrag v1.52
Universal Extractor v1.5
uTorrent v1.7.5 Build 4602
VideoLAN VLC media player v0.8.6c
VistaPack Includes: {Vista Drive Indicator v3.1.1.0, TopDesk v1.5.3 (Xp 3d Flip Effect), Thoosje Sidebar v2.0 [Installer Only], SodaBush Windowspaper Xp v1.01 (Use wallpaper in any window's background), Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor v1.0}
Winamp v5.5.5
WinRAR v3.70
Xclusive Vista Start Menu {First fully working Vista Start Menu with working search}
Your Uninstaller! PRO 2006 v5.0.0.361

On the Windows Post Install wizard menu, you can
hover your mouse pointer over any of the programs
for a detailed description of that program.


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